Here’s a tip for you.

If you need a shooting mat at the range grab one of these horse covers.

1-Made of heavy duty canvas and will keep you dry on the mound when it’s damp and wet.
2- It will keep your brass from disappearing  into the grass. Which is great for recovery and better for the mower.  (Even if it’s a semi auto.)  As long as you use a side blind.
3-If it looks like rain open up the top cover and you can shoot off the lower half and when it rains fold the top half over your rifle and gear.
4- Keep it in the car so when you’re off hunting and camping by your vehicle use it as a ground sheet and get inside it with your sleeping bag and mattress.
5-Brilliant picnic rug for the family outings!

I’ve got the 5’6″ cover. If they’ve run out they will order 1 for in you.
They are actually longer as they measure from the base of the horses neck and passed the butt.
Saddlery Warehouse – Airbourne Rd  Albany
Get one ! $40 bucks !!!!  Cheap as.

Good hunting -Geoff