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A report on the recent party hunts…

The weather was ok, rained in on 2nd to last day & fly out the morning. snow damage was pretty awful, worse than the darkness we agreed & made stalking difficult I got whistled at by a hind bedded down on the first day not long after we arrived after unpacking, up behind hut on [...]

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Presidents Report – November 2017

November was a busy month for us. This year’s HUNTS course was fully subscribed and we are looking forward to meeting the trainees and taking them through the course schedule. Hopefully, they will enjoy their time on the course and learn how to safely begin hunting or improve their hunting skills. We ran a range office [...]

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Presidents Update – October 2017

There’s not too much to report this month. The range is looking good, though perhaps a little waterlogged as is to be expected at this time of the year. The next branch HUNTS course will kick-off early in November. The course is fully subscribed and I am pleased to report all preparations are in place. [...]

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Tale of two Howa’s

The story starts with my first NZ fire arms, a new Norinco JW15 .22lr and a second hand Norinco Bushmaster in .223, both bought from Will’s. The JW15 shot like a shotgun, would not eject unfired rounds and the mag would not feed correctly.  Took the rifle back to complain and it was replaced without [...]

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Nurdy Time

Many times, at the range I hear people burbling away about MOA, minutes of angle or more rarely minutes of arc (which is correct).  Eves dropping on the conversations it is obvious that a lot of people only approximating MOA as 1inch group at 100yards.   During a rare idle moment, I paused to think [...]

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Interested in becoming a Range Officer?

Range Officer Course (2 – 12 Nov 2017) Candidates are invited to apply for the  North Auckland Branch NZDA 2017 Range Officer (RO) course. The branch wants to train and qualify up to eight new RO. Why?  So we can keep the 25m open in the afternoon. So we can have two RO on the main range – [...]

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From the Chief Range Officer:

Members are advised of restrictions to shooting positions on the main range: At 200m: Approved for the use of benches, prone supported and prone unsupported. At 100m: Approved for the use of benches, prone supported or unsupported, sitting and kneeling. At 50m and 25m: Approved for prone, sitting, kneeling and standing. These restrictions and limitations [...]

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Presidents Update – September 2017

The general election draws ever nearer. To those of you with an interest, I think it is fair to say that whatever the outcome we have lost an advocate in Peter Dunne. Ignoring party politics, I have heard Peter speak at several National Conferences and on each occasion I have been impressed by his knowledge [...]

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Party Hunt Notice – 27 – 30 October 2017

The committee offers places on three party hunts to be conducted over the period 27 – 30 October 2017. Hunt 2017/1 will fly from Heli Sika to Mangatainoka Hut and Tussock Hut (3 hunters at each hut) you will hunt public land surrounding the huts. Each is a 6 bunk DOC hut with wood burner [...]

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Winters Arrival

Since winters arrival I've heard people over and over again saying "hunt the warm sunny faces". Now while I'm sure the animals will be there soaking up the sun, it's bloody hard hunting in the thick tight bush that covers those same faces. Looking back through my photos and placing animals on the map, most [...]

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