The President’s Trophy (combined trophy and shooting)

1st  P. Carmine


Trophy Competitions:

K. Busby Cup (Best antlered trophy – any species)

1st  L. Nobilo

2nd   A vanDriel (jr)

3rd   G Peate

Vipond Stewart Rosebowl (Best NZ Red antlers)

1st  A. vanDriel(jnr)

2nd G Peate

3rd G Peate

W Diamond Cup  (Best North Island Red deer)

1st  A. vanDriel(jnr)

2nd  G Peate

3rd  G Peate

Clark Cup  (best game trophy by a junior on converted Douglas score)

1st  A. vanDriel(jnr)

2nd   C McGaw

Mannlicher Cup (Best Fallow antlers)

1st  L. Nobilo

2nd  C McGaw

Goat Shield (Best goat horns)

1st  S. Clarke

2nd  M Nobilo

3rd  M Nobilo

Tahr Medal (Best Tahr horns)

1st  M Nobilo

Champion Head Cup (Best trophy – all species)


2nd  M Nobilo

3rd   S Clarke


Shooting Competitions:

Douglas Everett Memorial Trophy (rim fire aggregate)

1st  S. Wills

2nd  B Turner

3rd  D Grenz

Stewart Cup (centre fire aggregate)

1st  S. Wills

2nd  B Turner

3rd  G Ogier

Range Aggregate Cup (centre fire iron sights aggregate)

1st  B. McMillan

2nd  R Mansell

3rd  K Hewitt

Debbie Harlow 200m Trophy (centre fire, 200m, 60 shots prone)

1st  S. Wills

2nd  D Grenz

3rd  B McMillan

Hot Shot Trophy (centre fire, one-day iron sights)

1st  J. Seipel

2nd  A Smith

3rd  Not awarded

Margaret Lowes Memorial Trophy (Sam Lowes Classic) (rim fire silhouette special event)

1st  D. Cameron

2nd  B Turner

3rd Not awarded

Howlett Cup (Nominated centre fire aggregate event)

1st  S. Wills

2nd   B Turner

3rd C Simms

L J Harris Shield (rim fire 60 shots prone)

1st  P. Carmine

2nd  D Cameron

3rd  S Wills

Anderton – Harris Shield (Silhouette)

1st  S. Wills

2nd D Grenz

3rd B. Turner



Len Dew Cup  (colour print of any NZ game in its wild state)

1st J vanDriel

Ford Wightman Cup   (colour print of any NZ wildlife other than game )

not awarded

Pete’s Medal   (colour print of any subject matter pertaining to stalking or stalking country)

1st  J vanDriel

2nd  G Peate

3rd  G Peate