You can shoot a deer while you’re cold, wet and hungry but if you cant see through your scope you might as well stay in bed!
Now that winter has arrived, we can do our best to check the weather forecasts, but if you spend enough time in the bush sooner or later one of those forecasts will be wrong, or on an extended trip you’ll have no choice but to endure a few wet days.
I hate hunting in the rain almost as much as deer hate moving about in it but if you persevere it’ll pay off and when it does you want all the odds you can gather in your favour!
This tip was passed on to me by a very successful bush hunter named Richard back when I was just starting out.
As simple as 2x 50-60mm pieces of bicycle inner tube, half slipped onto each end of your scope and folded back over itself. When it’s wet in the bush, fold it out and it’ll keep your lenses dry while still allowing use of the scope. They’re 100% cheaper than flip up caps and you don’t have to muck about with them in the few seconds opportunity the deer offers you.
As a bonus, it protects the scope on the occasion you slip or not so carefully place it on some scree or pumice and you’ll always have a couple of extra firelighters in case of emergency.
Winter is a great time to get out in the bush, stags still have their antlers and there’s plenty of yearlings getting overconfident and moving further away from mum.
Submitted by Blair Dawson