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Tale of two Howa’s

The story starts with my first NZ fire arms, a new Norinco JW15 .22lr and a second hand Norinco Bushmaster in .223, both bought from Will’s. The JW15 shot like a shotgun, would not eject unfired rounds and the mag would not feed correctly.  Took the rifle back to complain and it was replaced without [...]

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Nurdy Time

Many times, at the range I hear people burbling away about MOA, minutes of angle or more rarely minutes of arc (which is correct).  Eves dropping on the conversations it is obvious that a lot of people only approximating MOA as 1inch group at 100yards.   During a rare idle moment, I paused to think [...]

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Winters Arrival

Since winters arrival I've heard people over and over again saying "hunt the warm sunny faces". Now while I'm sure the animals will be there soaking up the sun, it's bloody hard hunting in the thick tight bush that covers those same faces. Looking back through my photos and placing animals on the map, most [...]

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A cheap shooting mat!

Here's a tip for you. If you need a shooting mat at the range grab one of these horse covers. 1-Made of heavy duty canvas and will keep you dry on the mound when it's damp and wet. 2- It will keep your brass from disappearing  into the grass. Which is great for recovery and [...]

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Blairs Bush Stalking Tip #1

You can shoot a deer while you’re cold, wet and hungry but if you cant see through your scope you might as well stay in bed!   Now that winter has arrived, we can do our best to check the weather forecasts, but if you spend enough time in the bush sooner or later one [...]

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Solo for Sika – Frank’s Trip Report

SOLO FOR SIKA For many years now I have hunted the central North Island for sika both on public land and on numerous fly in trips to private hunting blocks. Private hunting blocks have a certain appeal because they are in remote areas presumably with more game, they offer greater safety as your party has [...]

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Firearms Safety is your responsibility.

FIREARMS SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY The privilege of owning and using firearms carries with it a number of responsibilities i.e. to store, maintain, transport and use firearms safely at all times. As firearms licence holders we have some very serious responsibilities every time we pick up a firearm and can, by law, be held personally [...]

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