Four brave soles took up the challenge to learn a new skill and expand their hunting horizons by attending the recent Douglas Score Measurer training seminar held by Auckland Branch. They were Geoff Mentor, Peter Britnell, Bill Mercer and Giovanni Torresan.

The day was organised by Brian Witton (Auckland Branch) and tutored by Brian, Mark Sargent (National Coordinating Judge / tutor from Waikato Branch) and myself. There were about 12 level 1 and 2 trainees who had a busy day learning how to measure a variety for deer heads, horns (wild goat, tahr, chamois and wild sheep) and pig tusks. They were also introduced to the Withey System for evaluating whether a hybrid head is predominantly red or sika deer, the typical skull lengths for each species of deer, preparing heads for competition entry and much more.

Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day and seemed keen to apply their new skills at practical measuring session at our Branch. I wish to thank all those who attended for making the effort to get involved and hope you continue to maintain your skills and interest in Douglas Score measuring.

For your interest I have attached a typical Douglas Score sheet for a fallow deer head that Luke Nobilo entered in this years North Auckland Branch Measuring Day Competition

Frank Ferguson

Download (PDF, 2.02MB)

Download (PDF, 1.35MB)