Article from Blair Dawson

Last newsletter I wrote about using inner tube to protect the ends of your scope and doubling as emergency firelighters, staying with that theme this month, a pair of dishwashing gloves in your daypack is a great addition. They light easier and burn better than inner tube. Before you put them in your pack, stuff a Bic lighter in one of the fingers to keep it dry and roll it up.  As a bonus you can use the gloves to keep your hands clean while boning out an animal too.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone light a fire on public land without the appropriate permit but it is important to know what burns well and how to get a fire going for safety reasons. A fires warmth could keep you alive on a cold night and get you rescued quicker if you find yourself in a worse situation.

In the areas I hunt there’s always a handy Pepperwood with a few dead branches, they ignite easily and burn well. Once there’s a good base I’ll start adding in some dead, dry, Beech branches.

Don’t forget to keep it off the ground slightly using thicker branches, rocks or a tin foil barrier to prevent the evaporating ground moisture extinguishing your fire. Don’t light a fire against a living tree and make sure it’s properly extinguished and covered up before you move on.

If you regularly practice lighting a fire it won’t be a problem when you need to.