The Branch runs competitions throughout the year for game trophies, shooting and photography.



Game Competitions

The Game Trophy Rules:

  1. Game trophy competitions are open to all financial members of the North Auckland Branch of the NZDA and to spouses of members.
  2. Members must be financial at the time of obtaining the trophy and at the time of entering the trophy.
  3. The junior class consists of persons who have not attained the age of 18 years as at the 1st of March of the competition year.
  4. All trophies must have been obtained in a legal, sportsman-like manner in accordance with the ethics of the NZDA.
  5. Antlers or horns must be on a full, unmounted, complete (the lower jaw may be omitted) skull in a clean and wholesome condition. Pig tusks must be in a complete lower jaw, loosened and easily withdrawn.
  6. At the time of entry the trophy must be in a natural state. No artificial interference or colouring is allowed.
  7. One or more trophies may be entered in any one class, except where the Association rules allow only for the taking of one trophy animal, in which case only one entry can be accepted.
  8. Identification must be attached only in such a form that it can be removed readily – for instance, a tied label.
  9. The Branch will take all responsible care of entries while the trophy is in the hands of the Branch, but neither the Branch nor its representatives will be responsible for loss or damage.
  10. Judges can request an account of where and how an entry was obtained.
  11. Trophies taken from domesticated or confined animals will not be elligible.
  12. Broken or damaged entries will be appraised by a panel of at least two judges (qualified measurers), whereupon scores, acceptance or non-acceptance as decided by this panel, will be final.
  13. If time allows, entries in any one class will be measured by the same measurer/assistant team.
  14. Entries must be in the hands of the judges by 9:00 pm on the measuring night, with the proviso that the judges have the right to accept a late entry in the case of exceptional circumstances.
  15. The lodging of an entry in any competition shall be deemed acceptance of these rules.
  16. Antlers or horns may be measured at any time of the year by two certified Branch measurers.

The Game Trophy Competitions:

  • Busby Cup – Champion head, best antlered trophy, on converted Douglas score.
  • Tisdall Cup – Most symmetrical antlers of merit, any species.
  • Vipond-Stewart Rosebowl – Best New Zealand Red.
  • Mrs Diamond Shield – Best North Island Red.
  • Clark Cup – Junior best game trophy on converted Douglas score.
  • Lowes/Ridgeway Shield – Ladies shield for best game trophy on converted Douglas score.
  • Mannlicher Cup – Best Fallow antlers.
  • Housby Brothers Cup – Best Sika antlers.
  • Ridgeway Cup – Best Virginia Deer antlers – Best Rusa antlers – Best Sambar antlers – Best Wapiti antlers.
  • Lowes/Walding Cup – Best Chamois horns – best Thar horns – best goat horns – best wild sheep horns.
  • Hewitt and Bale Cup – Best drawn pug tusks.
  • Game Animal Shield – Best skin, any mature game animal.
  • Champion Head Cup – Best head of any species.

Shooting Competitions

Trophy and Shield competitions

Shooting Classes

Purpose:  As at 2014 the Branch  re-introduced a ‘Sporting Rifle’ class for aggregate competitions.  The reason for this decision was to encourage hunters and novice shooters to enter into competitions, and as an affordable way for hunters to hone their field shooting skills All aggregate matches may now be shot in two classes: Sporting Rifle and Open.

Sporting Rifle Class:


  • A factory or bespoke rifle designed for hunting in New Zealand
  • With a non-adjustable stock
  • With provision for a carrying sling, which if used must be attached at the two points of carry
  • With either iron sights or a telescopic sight (see limitation below)
  • If a telescopic sight is used, it is to be limited to 9x magnification during use, and is not permitted to have an adjustable objective lens


  • Outdoor or street clothing is to be worn
  • A shooting mat may be used
  • A kneeling roll may be used
  • Any other clothing or equipment specifically designed for target use is prohibited


  • Hunter class targets are to be scored for actual calibre.  8mm gauging is not allowed
  • The use of iron sights will permit the shooter’s score to be considered for the Range Aggregate Cup as well as the centre fire or rim fire aggregate series

Stepping Up

  • Anyone who chooses to enter an aggregate competition in the Hunter class may have their score considered for Target class trophies and certificates
  • Anyone who shoots one or more matches in Target class becomes ineligible for Hunter class awards

Target Class:


  • A factory or bespoke rifle other than specified for Sporting Rifle class (ie, is designed for target or varmint shooting)
  • With an adjustable stock, butt plate and/or fore-end
  • With provision for a sling rail, or a single-point sling swivel, or palm riser or a hand stop
  • With a telescopic sight of any configuration


  • Target clothing may be worn that conforms to NZDA national rules
  • A shooting mat may be used
  • A kneeling roll may be used
  • Any other equipment specifically designed for target use as provided for in the national rules is allowed


  • Target class targets are to be scored at 8mm gauging

Stepping Down

  • Once a person has elected to shoot a competition in the Target class, that person is not permitted to have scores aggregated to the Sporting Rifle class trophies, medals or certificates.

Inter-Branch Competitions

  • The Mayfair Cup
  • ‘The Interbranch’

Regional and National Competitions

  • awaiting detail

Photographic Competitions

Photographic Competition Rules

All prints must be submitted without frames or backing.

Prints may be of any weight or finish of paper.

The size of prints must be at least 15x10cm (6×4 inches), and not larger than 23×15 cm (9×6 inches).

  1. Open to financial members of the Branch and their spouses.
  2. Members must be financial at the time of obtaining and at the time of entering the photographs.
  3. Entries must be taken during the year immediately preceding the date of judging as decided from year to year by the Branch committee.
  4. A print cannot be entered in more than one division.
  5. Any number of prints can be entered in each division each year.
  6. Only prints taken by the entrant are eligible.
  7. Copies of prints are not acceptable.
  8. Trick photos, superimposed images or any such expedients are not accepted.
  9. Prints are to be accompanied by the following information:
  • type of camera
  • lens
  • date taken
  • approx. distance between camera and subject.
  1. There are no restrictions on equipment used.
  2. All prints must have some means of positive identification.
  3. The branch executive shall appoint three (3) judges.  Anyone entering in a photographic competition cannot act as a judge.
  4. The administrator shall ensure that judges do not know the identity of each print owner until judging is finalised.
  5. Each judge is to use a separate score sheet and to allocate points on the following basis – 60 points on subject matter to be in accordance with the specific requirements of any one competition, with special emphasis on stalking ability where applicable; 30 points on photographic technique, such as focussing, exposure, background, composition, cloud effects, etc; 10 points on presentation, ie scratches, marks, etc.
  6. While every care will be taken of prints while in the control of the Branch, the Branch, judges or other officials cannot be held responsible for damage or loss.
  7. The judges shall rule on any questionable point, and their decision shall be final.
  8. Entries may be held over by the Branch for display during the prize giving ceremony.
  9. The lodging of an entry for a competition shall be deemed acceptance of these rules.

Photographic Competitions

The Len Drew Cup

Awarded for:  The best photographic print of any New Zealand game in its wild state.

Ford/Wightman Cup

Awarded for:  The best photographic print of any New Zealand wildlife other than game.

Pete’s Medal

Awarded for:  The best photographic print of any New Zealand subject pertaining to stalking or stalking country, or nature.

Prizegiving Night Competitions

On the prizegiving night the following competitions will be held and prizes awarded as indicated below:

  • Roaring Shield – Best Red roar – any competitor.
  • McDougal Cup – Best Red roar – ladies only.
  • Mrs W. Diamond Shield – Best meat provider – for providing the most game meat for use at North Auckland Branch functions.

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