Awarded for:  The winner of the nominated centre fire aggregate match being at either 100m or 200m, fired as part of the annual centre fire aggregate programme.

Eligibility:  Open to all financial members of the North Auckland Branch.

Course of Fire:

  • 5 minutes for unlimited sighting shots, then:
  • If at 100m; 5 shots prone, 5 shots kneeling and 5 shots standing
  • If at 200m; 5 shots prone, 5 shots sitting and 5 shots standing

Classes:  For the Howlett Cup – None (note, this is a single match, highest score)
For other aggregate trophies: class as nominated by the competitor – Hunter or Target class – see rules below


  • Calibre, centre fire up to and including 8mm (7.92mm) (8mm gauging is to be applied).
  • Ladies and Juniors may use .22LR.  Rifle and equipment according to Open class or Hunter class.
  • Score also contributes to the Stewart Cup, Wangford Shield, Livingstone-Stick Cup or Range Aggregate Cup as appropriate

How to Enter:  On the day.