Awarded for:  The one day ‘all rounder’ aggregate score of two serials of the designated course of fire.

Eligibility:  Open to all financial members of the North Auckland Branch.

Course of Fire:

  • Each competitor will have a bank of 5 steel targets, arranged form left to right:
  • a falling plate, a chicken, a pig, a turkey, and a ram
  • Sighters = 5 minutes of unlimited sighters on a paper target, then:
  • Fire 8 rounds in 5 minutes, being:
  • Fire 2 rounds from the prone position
  • Fire 2 rounds from the sitting position
  • Fire 2 rounds from the kneeling position
  • Fire 2 rounds from the standing position


  • Calibre, .22LR
  • Rifle and equipment according to national rim fire silhouette rules.
  • The chicken scores 10 points, the pig scores 6 points, the turkey scores 4 points, and the ram scores 2 points.  The plate scores no points, but no target scores any points if the plate is standing at the end.
  • Firers may engage any target at any time in any position, but may only fire two shots in any one position.

How to Enter:  On the day.