Range Officer Course (2 – 12 Nov 2017)

Candidates are invited to apply for the  North Auckland Branch NZDA 2017 Range Officer (RO) course.

The branch wants to train and qualify up to eight new RO.


So we can keep the 25m open in the afternoon.

So we can have two RO on the main range – better safety and more helpful to new shooters.

So we can give some of the ‘old hands’ a bit of a rest.


2 Nov – evening theory 7:00pm – 10:00pm

7 Nov – evening as above

9 Nov – theory exam 7:30pm – 9:30pm

11 Nov – range day training practical – non-firing

12 Nov – range day practical assessment and qualification – live firing

To succeed, you need to attend all training and assessment.

The Theory Training


The acts, regulations and orders that govern shooting in New Zealand and on our range.

The procedures for a given event or competition – all material supplied

The personal qualities you will apply to the duty of RO

Event management and responses to emergencies


Preparing a range for use

Conducting live firing events

Conducting competitions

Responding to the needs of range users

Responding to unexpected events

Closing a range after use


Demonstrate : Competence, confidence, commitment.

The Theory Examination

An open book examination of 100 questions – multi-choice.

2 hours allowed

The Practical Training

One day on the range.

Set up, open for use, control of a range, competitions, typical scenarios, emergency procedures, common problems.

The Practical Examination.

A typical range day Sunday where you will act as the RO, under supervision, with additional questions and scenarios presented to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and attitudes to the satisfaction of the testing Chief RO.  Candidates will be supplied with the assessment check list prior to assessment.

The Qualification:

This is a national qualification within the NZDA.  Your warrant will be awarded by the National Executive, valid for 2 years, renewed every 2 years on branch evidence of successful and competent completion of RO duties at your branch or national venues.


The host branch (North Auckland) will pay all associated fees for training and examination.

The Expectation

The branch expectation is that the successful candidate will be available for at least four RO duties each calendar year.

Maintenance of the Warrant

All RO are expected to complete at least four duties as RO each year to maintain currency and proficiency.  Failure to meet minimum duty requirements usually results in the individual being required to surrender their warrant.

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Please email Bob McMillan with your request to be considered as a candidate for the 2017 RO course.


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