April Party Hunt – Okahu Valley – Reds, Rusa.
Friday, after detouring around a hole in state highway one at Tirau, Gavin and I found ourselves looking at a road closed sign just passed the information center at Murapara. Waikeremoana road was blocked by numerous slips starting at the foot hills. Plan B; didn’t have one, so off to Clemments Mill Road we went.
I phoned Mark with the new plans. With camp set up we tried out the new Nissan 4×4 as instructed by Gavin’s Boss. Down the road to see which campsites where taken. Not many, but they filled up that night. Bugger.
Mark arrived in the evening. Plans where made for morning.
Separate places after brekkie, Mark drove to the end of the road to hunt around the Hinnemia in a big circle. I headed up the hills behind Clemments clearing and cruised east. Gavin checked out the bush near the clearing. No deer seen. Midday the Nissan was tried out on the quarry road. With some of the washouts 4×4 came in handy. Great view from the top.
Afternoon saw me back up behind the clearing, tootling along until a small clearing popped up. I sat down and watched for about 30 minutes, nothing so i stood up to go. A hind spotted me and ran around in the ferns whistling and squealing. I couldn’t see her. No shot and only 900 meters from camp.
Mark had arrived back while I was gone. No deer but had a chat to a hunter he found.
The two of us noised up the same place to try for that hind in the morning. No cooperation from the deer at all. Very inconsiderate.
Back to camp and pack up for home. Three guys arrived from the Wellington branch as we struck our tents, they set up in the same place. Nice and sunny. Turns out they know a friend of mine down there so we caught up on gossip. The trip back became almost stationary at Rangariri. Left turn and down a gravel road. Soon we came across water across the road, having a 4×4 we pressed on, the water got deeper and deeper. Giving up we back tracked, possibly claiming 1 or 2 eels for the truck and located the road through Pukekawa. Back to the motorway and home.
Regards Colin.