Party Hunts

Hi guys. Colin has a bit of an update about the upcoming Party Hunts for you.

As always – if you are interested, get in touch with Colin via email –


Feb , 21-22   Sika

Clements Mill Road


March , 21-22  Reds

Whirinaki  Forest – Okahu Valley

Hut in valley across the stream,  4×4 access possible.  Another hut south of road end,  maybe 3 hours walk?


April  18-19  Sika

Tree Trunk Gorge – Camping.


May  30-1st June  (Queens Birthday) Reds, Sambar, Pigs, Wallabys

Possibly lake Tarawera – camp at hot springs. I will look into this futher.


July Rusa

Looking into the cost of a fly in.  Hopefully the price of fuel has come down and is affordable.