There’s not too much to report this month. The range is looking good, though perhaps a little waterlogged as is to be expected at this time of the year.

The next branch HUNTS course will kick-off early in November. The course is fully subscribed and I am pleased to report all preparations are in place. We look forward to welcoming all who have enroled.

A range officer course will be run during November. My thanks to those of you who have signed up to do the course and get involved with the running of the range.

This year the range bonfire event will be held on Saturday 4th November. This year we will be reverting to the normal practice of bringing and letting off your own fireworks. This event replaces the November member’s night.

This year the Christmas Gala Shoot will be held on the 10th December. Event details to follow nearer to the time. This event replaces the December members night.

The airgun range project takes a step forwards early in October as the necessary earthworks will be happening then. This project is likely to encourage younger shooters and serious air gunners to come along, the hope being they will then get involved and progress to other shooting disciplines whilst still enjoying their chosen sport.

Competition shoot attendance remains low to middling for most events. Your committee has discussed options to encourage more of you to get involved and participate. To that end, starting in 2018 there will be a new Hunters Shoot Competition. The competition will be open to all branch members. The format of the competition will be a range of shooting positions (yet to be decided) where competitors will be awarded a first, second and third place badge at each session. In addition, each participant will be awarded a raffle ticket which will go into a hat to be drawn at the Christmas Gala Shoot. The winning ticket will earn its owner a grand (pun intended) prize of $1000. The more shoots attended, the better the chance of winning the grand prize. Full details to follow in a future newsletter.

Notwithstanding the above, if any of you have any new event or competition suggestions please let me know. We do our best to develop new ideas and your suggestions are always appreciated.

See you at the range soon.


Peter Britnell.