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Magazine Capacity: by Bob McMillan

29/04/2022 1:29 PM | Bob McMillan (Administrator)

Bill’s given me the OK to post this article on his blog site.

  Magazine Capacity

These days “wading into a mob of deer” happens only in stock yards or in your dreams.

Hunting rifles don’t need large magazine capacity.  Whenever I meet another hunter sporting a 10-round box magazine on their rifle I wonder if they are either a piss-poor shot, dreaming, hunting possums, or all three.

Deerstalking is an aesthetic and ethical sport these days, requiring due consideration for the environment, the animal, and other hunters.  Excess magazine capacity “might” promote poor ethics, poor shooting and a lack of self-discipline.  Remember, I said “might”.

If missed or wounded, deer generally run away.  Shooting at a running deer is frowned upon, unless you are an expert shot or a culler, the latter being both (or they get sacked).  Missing with 10 rounds is the same as missing with 3 rounds, only more expensive.

Back to magazine capacity.  Three or four round magazines are common today on hunting rifles.  That’s enough!  If you need more, take up pistol shooting.

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