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Get Your Priorities Right (by Bill McLeod)

14/03/2019 11:06 AM | Bob McMillan (Administrator)

I’ve never shot a deer with a group yet.

Shooting groups with your rifle is great fun, great practice, and educational on the capabilities of your combination of rifle, scope, and ammo.  Most of us do it, no drama.

The consequent reporting of the rifles accuracy, brilliant selection of reloading components, and our own ability to shoot, modestly presented of course, delights us in our story telling.

If the reports were true you would wonder why people bothered getting match grade rifles because our hunting rifles are so incredibly accurate.

A lot of the reports are presented without regard to statistical analysis. If you ran a confidence test on the data presented, the test results would fail miserably.

All this fun may result in an over emphasis on group sizes and a lack of practice on the very important skill of putting your bullet cleanly on your intended target.
Accurate alignment of sights and development of basic rifleman's skill will better contribute to achieving the goal of bringing home the quarry.


  • 15/03/2019 7:16 PM | Deleted user

    As you have stated a beautifull clover group means nothing if you cannot apply the shooting technique to the hunting situation. As such I feel that the air gun field target shooters are better at doing just that. One shot one kill. For all being said that its just slug guns. We practice precisely what you preach. We shoot a competition of 50 targets. These targets are reactionary, they have a kill zone that causes the target to fall. Hit anywhere else the target stays up. Also these targets are placed at various distance so no two shots are exactly the same. Most shots are taken from the seated pisition, with a couple kneeling and standing. If thats not enough the kill zone can also vary in size. The better shooters among us can place scores of 45 plus knockdowns. The fact that we shoot 12 to 16 foot pound guns mean we need to accommodate for drop, and as most pellets are only 8 grains the wind has a big effect on shooting accuracy. This all equates to similar shooting as long range hunting where all factors internal, external and technique have to be accounted for. For more on this come see us. Have a go at shooting a couple of field targets. Where else will you get 50 shot trigger time for less than a box of 20 rounds.

    Johannes Brits
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    • 17/03/2019 6:56 PM | Bob McMillan (Administrator)
      Comment passed to you from Bill McLeod.
      I learned heaps while shooting field target with North Harbour.
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