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Range Etiquette

  • ·         Remain on the pathway, when walking around the course always follow the course markers.
  • ·         When your round has finished exit the course by following the markers, never track back around the course or cut across the course.
  • ·         When searching for an arrow place your bow across the target face to indicate your presence to others.
  • ·         If your group is holding up groups behind you, you should allow that group to pass thorough.
  • ·         If a group is leaving a target and another group is waiting to shoot the same target, indicate when you are well out of the way by calling “CLEAR”. Never shoot unless you are sure it is clear.
  • ·         If you find a lost arrow, please hand it in to the Club House.

Rules of the range

  • ·         Know and obey the range rules.
  • ·         Inspect your equipment prior to shooting.
  • ·         Always walk, do not run on the range.
  • ·         Only shoot a bow with an arrow properly nocked. 
  • ·         Keep arrows in the quiver until ready to shoot.
  • ·         Keep arrows pointed down or towards the target.
  • ·         Shoot only the targets in your lane.
  • ·         Be certain your line of fire is clear.
  • ·         Only walk down a range when it is clear to do so.
  • ·         Stand on the same shooting line as other archers not in front or behind them.
  • ·         Do not take a shot if a bow is across a target.
  • ·         Do not move targets.
  • ·         Do not damage plants or mover them for a clearer shot.
  • ·         No broadheads
  • ·         No crossbows
  • ·         No camouflage clothing to be used.
  • ·         No alcohol to be taken on the course.

Knowing and abiding by archery range etiquette and rules ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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