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The Ranges

The Branch operates two firing ranges which are open 22 days per year - always on a Sunday.  Range days are listed in the Events calendar.

The two ranges:

    • A covered 25m sighting in range. (only operates from 9:30am until midday)
    • A 200/100/50m range for general practice and competitions.

Registration begins at 9:00am, the safety briefing is at 9:20 am, and shooting begins at 9:30 am.

Most morning sessions involve one or more shooting competitions, which you are welcome to join. During competitions members can usually still continue general practice that fits in with the competition range and format. 

Afternoon sessions usually involve general practice at the stated range.  General practice means you are free to choose your own style of shooting within the bounds of the range standing orders and the safety briefing.  

You may arrive and leave whenever you want, but people arriving after 9:30 may have to wait to be allocated a shooting lane.

Safety is our paramount concern

All members and their guests are required to handle and operate firearms in accordance with all New Zealand Acts, Regulations and the firearms code.  The range complex is operated under strict range standing orders, with qualified and experienced range officers in attendance.  

All people using firearms at the range are required to have either a current firearms licence for the appropriate category of firearm, or are to be supervised by someone so licenced.

If you are new to firearms you will find plenty of members willing to advise you on your selection and use of a rifle that best suits your requirements.

Please note that the range programme is subject to periodic change.  The dates usually do not change, but the daily programme may.

Range Standing Orders are published on notice boards at each range.  A link to the latest approved standing orders is provided here

Please note that since 12 April 2019 the E-category firearms listed in the standing orders are now prohibited firearms and must not be presented or used at the property.

Members are required to abide by all standing orders and Range Officer instruction.  There is a written safety brief you can view and download here.

Visitor Shooting Policy

A visitor is deemed to be a non-member who is not sponsored and accompanied by a financial member of the Branch.

A visitor with a firearms licence is welcome to register and shoot on our ranges.

Visitors MUST attend one of the two daily verbal safety briefings, or they are not permitted to shoot on any of the ranges.  Briefings typically occur at 9:20 am and 1:00 pm.

A visitor may not sponsor or supervise any other unlicensed shooter.

Guest Shooting Policy

A guest is deemed to be a non-member who is sponsored and accompanied by a financial member of the branch (the host).

A guest with a firearms licence is welcome to register and shoot on our ranges.

A guest without a firearms licence is welcome to register and shoot on our ranges provided the guest is supervised at all times by their host, who must be a member of the North Auckland Branch. The host is to ensure that a guest adheres to our range standing orders and the requirements of the Arms Act 1983.


Fees are set annually.  As at Oct 2018 fees are:
Members - no range fees - this is built into your membership fee
Guests - $20 per day
Visitors - $50 per day

New to Shooting?

Here are a few tips and opinionated advice

More thoughts and advice from a respected old hand at Bill's Blog.

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